Germany in March 2013

I am coming off my second deployment and will be taking 18 days off to travel Europe again. Last year I did 12 days solo in Germany and had a fantastic time. I will be flying into and out of Frankfurt, Germany again, but have a friend from the states meeting me. He is dead set on visiting Italy during our time which will be between 2 and 20 March 2013. We will be traveling with a backpack each and not a lot else. I had a blast in Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, the Rhine and a number of other places in April, despite colder temps up north. I'm looking for suggestions of where to visit in Germany in March. I see that the KD cruise lines do not operate until April, which is a bummer, I'd like to cruise the Rhine again to Bacharach. We're definitely going to stay at Wombat's Hostel in Munich for a few days to make our plans and then move on to whatever is next! I have considered a ski holiday at the Edelweiss or just a general visit to the area. I am an equal opportunity tourist and am happy from museums, to hikes, to walking through the inner city. I look forward to your suggestions!

Posted by Russ
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You should consider Franconia in northern Bavaria - Nuremberg, Bamberg, W├╝rzburg and Rothenburg are all great places with interesting sights and old-world ambience, all within an hour or so of each other by train, where you could easily spend 4-7 days. It's likely to be a little warmer on the Rhine. I'd head for Mainz for several days. It's a nice university town with a handsome old town area. From there, you could do daytrips by train through the castle-studded Middle Rhine Valley. Marksburg Castle in Braubach is open year-round. Further north is Cologne (this would be a long day or maybe overnight.) Or daytrip to Remagen and Linz, between Koblenz and Cologne (Remagen's WW II museum is housed in the supports for the WW II era bridge that was destroyed during the war and opens March 7): Linz is across the river from Remagen, an old-world town even more attractive than Bacharach; use the Remagen-Linz ferry: From Mainz, daytrips to Speyer, Heidelberg, and Worms would also be possible.

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I second Wurzberg and Rothenburg. You don't mention whether you have an car at your disposal. If Italy is in your plans you might want to consider the area between Munich and Innsbruck. This summer I spent a week in the regionthree nights in Grainau (Garmisch-Partenkirchen) with a great view of the Zugspitze. We day-tripped to Ettal, Oberammergau, Neuschwanstein and Innsbruckall easy drives. We then spent a few days in Salzburg (about 2 hours by car) and worked in Hallstatt, Mondsee and St. Wolfgang. From Innsbruck you could easily take in the Sudtirol (Bolzano, Alpe Di Suisi or Vipiteno) en route to Venice (about 4 hours) or perhaps the lakes district.