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Germany/France accomodations

We are taking a road trip from Copenhagen down the
Romantic Road to Munich and then Paris and back to Denmark. We are looking for Bed and Breakfast type places. Any suggestions? Around $100 if possible.

Also, is it best to stay outside center Paris and go in each day or to stay nearer the main attractions given the heavy traffic?

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A few suggestions first:
Munich is not on the Romantic Road, and the road begins a few hundred kilometers south of Copenhagen.

Second, driving within Munich and Paris is not a good idea. Traffic is a nightmare, navigation is very difficult, and what little parking is available is very expensive.

Third, staying outside of Paris and commuting in everyday is like staying in Gary or Hammond as a homebase for Chicago. Definately, stay within Paris, not on the outside.

Overall, unless you wanted to visit several small towns between each city, I'd ditch the car... actually, I'd just ditch the car altogether, its too much of a hastle for the trip you proposed.

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If you decide to use a hotel in the center of Paris, compare the location of any potential hotel with the location of the nearest Metro station. You'll want to be semi-close to a station, because the Paris Metro is so good. Lodging outside the city center often requires longer walks to the station and lengthy rides into the city.

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We always stay outside Paris and ride the Metro into the city each day. Pick a suburban town (there are scores of them on the Metro line) and find a small hotel.

Rooms and meals will be cheaper and you will enjoy the peace and quiet that you may not find in the city.

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munich: easy palace station hotel. paris : mister bed city.