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German Wine Touring

In Rick's books there are references to the Mosel and Rhine regions for wine tasting. I was planning on spending about 3 days in each region to drive as well as wine taste and castle climbing. Does anybody know if there is a centrally located wine tasting building for the region or any specific wine festivals in the area? If anybosy has any experience in this plcae give me a message so we can talk? Thanks;

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There is nothing centralized. Like the US we are a free country with free enterprises so that anybody can (and will) do as they please. Some villages operate a community wine sales place, some don't and you'd have to sample at every vintner's. You can find a list of Mosel wine festivals here. Information on Palatinate wines and festivals are listed here.

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My husband and I were in Boppard,(just north of Bacharach on the Rhine), in 2002 for a wonderful wine festival. We were there the first part of October and there were many other towns on the Rhine also having wine festivals. The food was great and they had fireworks over the Rhine river!! You might want to google Rhine wine festivals. You'll get some good information. And of course there are plenty of great castles to explore.