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German train fare

Can anyone suggest a way to find discounted train fare between Bacharach and Wurzburg? I've got the site figured out for the most part and was trying to find a way to reduce train costs between these cities, short of buying a ticket from point a to point b.
Looking to leave Bacharach bright and early one morning and get to Wurzburg for the day. 2 possibilities will be that 1) would go on from Wurzburg in the PM to Rothenburg from there to spend 2 nights or would 2) take the train back to Frankfurt (1 1/2 hrs i think) to spend the night as we'd have an early discount train to switzerland (6:50am) the next morning.

I know doesn't allow a whole lot of time in Wurzburg (maybe 6 hours or so) but we'd like to check it out if we have the time. Not sure if i should buy a ticket from Bacharach to first city in Bavaria and then get a Bayern ticket?

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