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We will be in Geneva, Switzerland over New Years this year Dec 31-Jan 2, 2013 Any suggestions on where to stay, things not to miss, etc. My husband, myself and 3 daughters(17, 19 and 22) Thanks

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We were in Geneva this summer and, although we didn't stay in the city, we found several things to do that we liked!
Since your kids are older they might enjoy the excavations under the cathedral in the old city. What is so interesting about it is that it covers a time period from the 1st century AD up until the 1700s. It is all color-coded and labeled so that you know what you're looking at. There is everything from Roman mosaic floors, bones of people and animals, and things that were pulled out of subterranean wells. Really interesting!
If your kids are into science, or have seen the movie Angels and Demons, they might enjoy a visit to CERN. You need to make reservations but it is an amazing tour and it's free - you can't say that about much in Switzerland. It's just north of the city by the airport.
Geneva doesn't have too many tourist attractions so head around the north end of Lake Geneva by train and go to Castle Chillon in Montreux. It's a beautiful train ride with views of the vineyards and the alps on the other side of the lake in France, and the castle is well-worth the visit.