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Fussen area

I'll be arriving Munich 15.05 and driving to Dauchau and then on to Fussen for 2 days and 3 nights before driving to Rothenburg. If the weather is favorable, I had planned to use one of the Fussen area days to drive to Innsbruck, primarily for the scenery. One of the R.S. consultants said the drive wasn't worth the time and suggested a day trip to Wieskirche. Frankly, I still like the Innsbruck idea better. Any thoughts on this? Is the Fussen to Innsbruck drive difficult or trecherous? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanx

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Hi Duane,
While the trip from Fussen to Innsbruck is scenic, not trecherous nor difficult, you really don't need to go that far to see great scenery. My opinion, take a much shorter drive to Ehrwald, Austria and take the cable car to the top of the Zugspitze (tallest mountain in Germany on the border with Austria).


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Another beautiful drive is the Deutsches Alpine Road and this takes you through parts of Austra and Germany. Many places to stop on the way and take in the scenery. This is one of our favorite roads.

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The scenery around Innsbruck is impressive. Innsbruck itself is decent place to stay in the winter, but not worth the drive the rest of the year, even though it is rather short. Fussen may be convenient to Ludwig's castles, but it would be near the bottom of my list on places to stay in the Bavarian (or Tyrolean) Alps, especially if you have a car.

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Hello Duane. I just returned from our trip in the same area and this is what I would do. We drove From Vienna to Reutte, did the Lech pass, and also the Romantic Road from Fussen to Rothenburg. The scenery highlight of our trip was the Lech pass, which heads west out of Reutte. High alpine villages and great mountains. We drove from Reutte to Switz. and it is only about 2.5 hours away from Reutte. As for Wieskirche: If you are driving from Fussen to Rothenburg along the Romantic Road, then Wieskirche is only a few mile detour off of the road. Another beautiful drive would be the lake Plansee loop. There are visitor brouchers all around that region with scenery driving ideas and directions.

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Thanks to all for your help. Still not positve what I'm going to do because the weather looks a bit iffy. I'm looking at all of the suggestions.