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From Paris to Zurich

Help needed from all of you out there who know so much!
I will be in Paris for the second half of my trip, and would have to go back to Zurich since this is where I fly back home. Here is the problem. My flight home is at 12:35 pm on a Thursday. I can't take the earliest train from P to Z, even the fast one, because it arrives too close to plane departure time. Bummer. I could leave P on Wednesday morning and comfortably take a train to Z, and spend a night there (and even probably have time in the afternoon to see the city a bit). But - I could have one whole extra day in Paris, which is really what I want. The option then is the night train, right? But when I checked the schedule, I found that there is no good direct train at suitable time. The was it stands now, I would have to gett of the train in Karlsrue at 4 a.m. and then get on another train an hour later! For one extra day in Paris, I might be willing to do it. Has anyone been to the railroad in Karlsrue? Would it be safe for a single woman? Can train schedule possibly change (hopefully for the better) for the summer - I travel in August. Or maybe someone out there has another idea, better than mine? Looking forward to your answers.

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While new timetables will take effect around 10 June, the times are not likely to vary by more than a few minutes, if at all. Since I'm a man and haven't been to Karlsruhe, I can't claim to know how comfortable you'd feel sitting in the station for an hour at that time of day. However, I like night trains myself. Since your preference is to spend as much time in Paris as possible, I'd say go ahead and take the night train.

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What is the value of an extra day in Paris?

You should at least call your airline or travel agent to learn how much it would cost to be reticketed to return from Paris. You could also investigate a discount-carrier flight from P to Z. Barring that, the new TGV Est line will be making the run at about 5 hours (or less) by August, so with a firm hotel reservation in Zurich you could take a late train and still have most of the day in Paris.

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Did that already, reticketing to fly home from Paris is beyond any reasonable amount, approximately $1,500. I am most of all tempted to take the first TGV out of Paris on the day of my flight. That would bring me to Zurich airport at 11:06 am. My Belair flight is at 12:35 pm. If Swiss efficiency is what it is rumoured to be, I should be just fine, who wants to spend 3 hours at the airport anyway. But what if I miss my flight? Ouch! Belair only flies on Thursdays, so I would have to wait another week or spend big on another ticket.

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Check the airfares.

I had to do this a few years ago and found a very cheap airfare from CDG to Zurich. Maybe you could fly out late on Wed. Not sure I would risk an early morning flight, but....

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Natasha two friends and I are flying from Paris to Zurich on Berlin Air for about $65 if I remember correctly. The flight goes through Dusseldorf to Zurich. This might be a better choice for you if staying in Paris one more day is more important. Chack with a travel agent.

By the way we are flying open jaw....flying into Paris leaving from Milan. We're very excited about not having to double bac. Good luck. Pat

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I am also flying open jaw. It is wonderful. Hope it all works out. I wouldn't spend the extra day in Paris unless you have been there before and know that is what you want. I'd get back to Zurich!