Frisian Islands, North Sea coast

I am interested in visiting the Frisian Islands along the coast of The Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark in late May-early June. I am interested in lining up birding and other wildlife tours and guides both by boat and on land. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have not been very successful finding ideas through internet searches. I would also appreciate suggestions on how to get around the islands, places to stay, and special cultural sights. Thank you

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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There are the Ostfriesische Inseln and the Nordfriesische Inseln. The latter ones start in Denmark and stretch all the way down to the Hamburg bay. They also include the so-called Halligens, islands, that at times are completely under water - yet that are inhabited as well. The Ostfriesische Inseln strech from from Borkum in the West all the way to the Hamburg bay in the East. And there are the Westfriesische Inseln, starting with Texel (Netherlands, very touristy) and reaching to tiny Rottumeroog in the East. It's one of those most beautiful areas of Germany that we usually don't open to international tourists - we like to keep them to ourselves. Also many of these islands are national parks. You may have to google their individual names.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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My wife and I are considering a similar trip some time in the future. If you go, please write a trip report!

Posted by Hille
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In 2001 I visited one of the islands, Pellworm, which is reachable by ferry (I took a bus from Husum and then the ferry). It is small, surrounded by dikes, has vacation homes and several inns and businesses. I rented a bicycle and that was my mode of transportation. No American tourists around, although the bike rental owner told me his mother had married an American. You can Google Pellworm, Kathryn, but I'm guessing there are other islands that might be better for you, but if I can answer any questions you have about Pellworm, let me know. I stayed at Hotel Friesenhaus. Nice place, good food.
The suggestion to Google/research individual island names is a good one.

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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If it's just for the beauty of the island the winner of that contest would be Juist.

Posted by Fred
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Hi, I sugggest a tour in/visiting Cuxhaven, close to Hamburg and a resort and ferry town. As for an influx of international tourists visiting the islands and West- and Ostfriesland, I wouldn't bet on that. It's certainly under the American travel radar in Germany. I agree with "...keep it to ourselves."

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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The Dutch Frisian islands are quite interest to visit. Texel is the biggest and more crowded (though not so much on the 1st half of June yet). The easiest to get to as well. Terschelling is a good compromise of infrastructure and nature. Vlieland (car-free) and Ameland are tiny and easy to explore on foot. Schiermonnikoog changes in both land area (due to tides) and population a lot. It is possible to take mudflat walking tours all the way from the continent to some of the islands, if you are fit enough (they take several hours).