French Riviera-- Rail Pass?

I am planning a trip to the French Riviera and am wondering how easy it is to get from town to town; is it necessary to purchase a rail pass if I am only travelling around the Riviera? How cheap/expensive is public transportation between the various towns? For example, from Cannes to Nice. Thanks for the help!

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Claire travel along the French Riveria is easy and cheap.. buses and trains both good options depending on where you are going. We took a public bus for ONE euro from Nice to Monaco, spent a few hours there , reboarded bus back, but got off at Eze Sur Mer and had lunch and spent afternoon at beach,, then reboarded bus.
Total cost for days transport,, 3 euros each!

Posted by Kim
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Pat is right it's cheap, and it's fun doing a mixture of buses and trains. And definitely no need for a pass. Do the bus for the routes east of Nice - such as to Eze - on the "Moyen" (middle) corniche. Stunning views down to the Mediterranean below. Then maybe on to Menton or Monaco and train back more along the sea itself. (I only went through monaco, didn't stop there, haven't ever been too interested in it, but your interests may vary).