French Language School

I need to learn French and would like to begin the study in France. Has anyone had any experience with any of the language schools?

Posted by Dina
Fontainebleau, France
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Alliance Fran├žaise is very popular, but I cant't vouch for them. They offer classes in many regions. There are many intensive courses offered throughout France. I did a semi-intensive one for two weeks in Cannes with my family that had lessons only in the morning. This allowed us to have time on the beach or to sightsee in the afternoons. If you really need to get your level up quickly, you'll probably want one of the one month intensive courses.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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Look up CERAN. Their main location is in Spa, Belgium, but they have a satellite school in Provence. I used them for an intensive Dutch immersion and I was very happy with the results. However, their method is probably most appropriate if you already have a working knowledge of the language.

Posted by Dale
Boston, MA, USA
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I did a 2-week immersion course at the International Language Institute in Aix-en-Provence : You can structure the program to include excursions, cooking, one-on-one sessions, or whatever. And, of course the setting is absolutely gorgeous.

Posted by Alexander
Quad Cities, IL/IA
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I have done two through my university. The first was Institut de Touraine in Tours, France (a bit pricey, but a great experience) and the second was last summer at the Institut Catholique in Paris. I hear the prices are reasonable for the Institut catholique if you go directly through them (I went through a 3rd party). Generally the experiences are lovely, you are with people from all over the world and must communicate in French. What a great feeling it is.

Posted by Kim
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I've always heard good things about the school in Villefranche-sur-Mer.

Posted by June
Edmonton, Alberta
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I attended the Institut de Francais in Villefranche sur mer a couple of years ago and loved it. i stayed for a month. i got the single apartment from them, they all differed greatly, mine was small but clean. A great area with bus and train for easy travel. Pm if you have further questions,