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French highway tolls for passenger van & vignettes

Are french highway tolls more for a 9-person passenger van or the same as passenger car tolls? If so, where do I find those? Also, is a driving sticker...vignette... required in France?

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A van is the same as a car. No vignettes.

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If you put your planned route in, it will give you estimated toll amounts. I used this a lot when planning my routes around France, it's nice to be prepared.

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Just don't put your wallet in your pocket. They'll toll you to death in France and other European countries, in spite of having incredible gasoline taxes to pay for roads. I was paying $9.51 per U.S. gallon last year.
In some places (Germany), they actually actually have too many autobahns. They often don't go from city to city, but go 10 miles out of a city to another city 10 miles out of it.

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Yes, unfortunately many European cities lack direct city center access via highways. Some cities (Milano, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid) took fully advantage of the 1960s highway boom to build these accesses. Others lagged and now stupid NIMBYs make anything but extensive deep tunnels a no-go, leaving drivers like me or anybody else stuck in traffic on busy boulevards (if lucky) or outright city streets (it not lucky).