French Coast

We will be in the port of Marseille from 10am until 7pm in May. Everything we've read suggests taking the train along the coast which sounds like a good idea. Does anyone have suggestions on how best to spend our time while there, and see a bit of the French Riviera?

Posted by Southam
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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The train along the coast to Nice is relatively slow, even when the cars belong to the TGV system. Some views are picturesque; others are routine. The ride certainly won't give you any true flavour of the Riviera. Better to settle into a good seafood restaurant along the famous Marseille harbour, slurp up the bouillabaisse, and ponder the atmosphere of a tough, historic home of mariners and survivors. Or, if you are on a cruise and feel the need of solid ground, hop over to the university town of Aix-en-Provence for a couple of hours.