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Frankfurt to Gussing Austria

What is the fastest way round trip to go from Frankfurt to Gussing Austria? Dad was born and raised there up until 2nd grade, but moved when Hitler was beginning to invade Austria and has not been back since. He tells me of a castle he played in as a kid and thought how cool it would be to go back for us and him. Can only be a day trip though. Tom

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That's an excellent reason to visit a place, but as a day trip it is impractical - even to please Dad. I wish I could still please my Dad, but he's gone now. For something like that I'd have moved heaven and earth. It is a shame you couldn't make it at least an overnight.

It is over 500 miles, over 800 km. Güssing (note the umlaut over the u), spell it either with the umlaut or by inserting an e after the u: Guessing. Güssing is about as remote from Frankfurt am Main as any point in Austria. It is right on the Hungarian border.

Driving, without stopping for toilets, food, or leg stretching, is at least 7 1/2 or 8 hours each way. Not possible to go and return in a day.

By train it is also difficult. Güssing appears to have no train station. The nearest bigger city is Graz, in Austria. Train to Graz is 9 and a half hours, change in Munich, and then it is still nearly 100 km to Güssing.

You could fly. You don't give a clue as to when this trip would be, so I looked at 15 January. There is a flight (not cheap) from FRA to Graz, leaving at 8:30 which goes non-stop arriving 9:45 on Austrian Airlines. You still have to get to Güssing and then get back all one day with an 83 or so year old.

Good luck with your quest.

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Güssing wouldn't work as a day train trip from Frankfurt. It's a 7 hour train trip from Frankfurt to Vienna, 2½-3 hour trip from there by bus to Güssing. It's about as far from Graz to Güssing, but longer to Graz from Frankfurt.

If you haven't already made flight reservations, you might consider flying into Vienna instead of Frankfurt.

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Thomas, is there absolutely no way to spend more time there? This is The One Last Chance to do this...and what an opportunity!

Please try to make this work.

Also - because this may be a consideration - will your father be OK with this trip down memory lane? Some memories are better left in the past for some people...and this could be a very unpleasant surprise.

What physical shape is your father in? Will he be physically able to retrace his childhood? Research this castle, and whether your father can once again 'play' there ;-) Is it currently open to the public? Use any tool available to make this a smooth excursion - taxis, shuttles to the castle, trams, buses, etc. Having traveled with my in-laws several times, what is absolutely no problem here - physically-speaking - is extremely taxing for them once in Europe.

The best of wishes for the two of you that you can make this work!