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Frankfurt or Zurich for flight home

Our family is planning a trip through Germany. We have the option of flying home via Frankfurt or Zurich with our frequent flier miles. We are flying into Frankfurt then doing towns along the Rhine and then making our way down to Rothenburg and Munich. Our last stop on our trip will be the Ludwig castles.

Any advice on which would be easier as far as reaching by train, Frankfurt or Zurich?

Any advice on hotels close to either airport for one night stay before catching plane the next day?

Thanks in advance for all help and input.

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Frankfurt is easy and relatively cheap compared to Zurich. I'm not sure how easy the trip to Zurich is, you'll pay more for hotel and food in Zurich.

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From Munich, Frankfurt is almost 3hrs closer by train than Zurich. Also, the train fare of 29euro to Frankfurt will increase to over 70euro to get to Zurich.

That being said, we flew out of Zurich (also on airline points) and our stay there was wonderful. The train station is under the airport terminal. However, we were coming from the Berner Oberland. Different direction - different cirumstances.

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Zurich is probably the best and newest airport in europe right now. Super nice and easy to go through. If youre in Munich area - Munich is also very nice and new and easy - and can be a lot less hectic than Frankfurt and closer. If you can go direct from Munich - try that (since you will be there). Hotels will probably be "cheaper" in Munich area, then Frankfurt, then Zurich if youre in the city. Staying out side in any should be "affordable" regardless vs city-biz hotels. Look at the time tables for trains to FRA and ZRH - 20-50 euros more or less many not be as big an issue as timing to get to the airport. SPeedy direct trains are also a plus if you can do those.

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We had to fly out of Frankfurt instaed of Zurich for we were flying stand by. My wife is a pilot for United. Only 1 flight per day to ORD. The train to Frankfurt was a high speed one, about 3 hours. The Frankfurt airport is massive and security is very deep. But many more traveling/flight options there.