Frankfurt airport to Trier, Germany

We will be arriving at Frankfurt Airport and need to get to Trier, Germany, for the start of a Rick Steve's tour. What is your recommendation for the best method of transportation?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Amy, There are two rail stations at the Frankfurt Airport, a Fernbahnhof for long distance trains and a Regionalbahnhof for local trains. Both have trains going to Trier but the shortest travel time will be trains from the Fernbahnhof with a travel time of 2H:48 (one or two changes). You can buy your ticket at the airport. While it is possible to pre-purchase your ticket at a considerably cheaper price, there's a risk. If your flight is delayed and you miss the train, you may have to buy another ticket at full price. Some of the trains on that route are "subject to reservation", which is often specific to a particular train. The tour office will provide information on how to reach your tour hotel, and I suspect they will also suggest using a train from the airport. Enjoy the tour!

Posted by Jeff
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Easy enough journey. BAHN LINK.As was pointed out an advance purchase ticket has drawbacks if your plane is late. You'll likely find a one or two connection trip to Trier generally by way of Mainz and Koblenz. There are multi-lingual ticket machines at the station and a ticket office. Enjoy the trip!

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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There's also a direct bus from Frankfurt airport to Trier.