FRANCE - Weather in AUGUST

Planning a trip following Rick Steve's 3 week itinerary by car in France. We normally travel in the Fall but have to take our trip earlier this year. I am nervous about going in mid August. I can't seem to find weather information or history for DAYS, just 24 hr. period averages. I don't care too much about the nights, but am concerned about uncomfortable heat or humidity during the day.
Any information anyone can provide to put me at ease will be helpful. I have got to get our reservations and plans finalized. Thanks in advance! Yolanda from California

Posted by Kira
Seattle, WA, USA
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Here's a site where you can the "averages" tab and use the cool little slider to discover that France can be pretty reasonable in August: That being said, I've been in France in August a number of times, and I was usually miserable and sweaty. I don't like heat (which is why I live in Seattle, despite its podunky-ness), so I might not have the tolerance you do, but it can get hot. In the 90s hot. And it can get that hot in Paris just like it can in Aix-en-Provence. I've sweltered through heaty hotty days from the south to the north in August. But again, it looks like averages at high-60s to mid-70s, which is very pleasant for most folks. Pack breezy clothing and a paper fan, is my advice. Also - keep hydrated! You'll have a blast anyway, despite the temps. That's why I keep going back in the summer if it's the only time I can get away. :-)

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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Hi, If you can stand the heat in Corona in Aug., you'll have no problems in Paris. It's more uncomfortable with Paris at 80F than Sacramrnto at 80F. The times I have been to Paris in August have been hot, sometimes oppresively, but apart from the weather factor, there are advantages of going there in August.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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I have been in August many times. It has been hot, really hot, but its also been cool and rainy .. so basically I always get a hotel with a/c but, I have not always needed to use it.

Posted by Yolanda
Corona, CA, USA
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Thank you all for your replies... I'm still pushing for late September into October... but we'll see. We usually travel in the Fall and have always had great weather. A day or two of rain, which is not bad. As far as Corona in the Summer, I cannot stand it! Yes I live here, but I whine about it for three months! ugh!
Thanks again!

Posted by Alexander
Quad Cities, IL/IA
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Everyone above has said better than I could. Don't count on everywhere being air conditioned like it is in the US. Yes, even in the Louvre it gets very hot. As Pat said above, a hotel with air conditioning can be a nice thing to "come home to" in the evening.

Posted by Kim
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Fred makes a very good point. I'm always a bit amazed at myself when I'm uncomfortable, complaining and whining at the misery of 80 or 85 degrees here, when I stop to think that at home (Oklahoma), that would be a day of downright relief!!! But those temps can feel really oppressive here. Of course you might arrive during two cool, rainy weeks, you just can not ever know.