When travelling to Spain from France, by car, is it a worthwhile stop in Andorra and for how long? Bob

Posted by Roger
Monein, Pyrenees, France
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If you want cheap gas, booze or cigarettes, that's the place. That's about it!

Posted by Ed
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There's not a single place in the world that's not worth seeing, but you need to figure out how much time you have and your start and end points. It's going to add a couple of hours driving time between Toulouse and Barcelona, for example. Unless you're going to ski or hike, the drive and a lunch stop is enough to give you an idea of the place. Unless you're trying to add to your country list, or have a lot of time to burn, I'd skip it.

Posted by Robert
Toronto, ON, Canada
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Thanks for the reply. I am starting to think I will skip it.