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France itinerary

We will be traveling in France next summer with a music group - Bayeux, Mont St. Michel, Paris, and Strasbourg. We are planning on extending our trip for another week and hope to spend 3-4 days in the area of Beaune. Our quandary is where to go to round out the week. We've looked at the Rhone-Alpes region as we love mountains. But, we have traveled in several parts of Switzerland, Austria and northern Italy (Dolomites) before. Would this be too much of the same? Are we going to invest too much of a day in driving? Another consideration is that we need to have access to a city for a return flight that won't involve losing a whole day to travel.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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OK, I'll bite. Rhone Alpes: Morzine, about 3 1/2 hour drive from Beaune, and a 2 drive from Geneva. Winter ski resort town, summer mountain resort town. It is straight south of Evian-les-Baines, (where they bottle the water) which is on the south shore of Lake Leman (Geneva). Again, 2 hours back to Geneva Airport.

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How much time will you have in Paris while with the group and have you been there before? You may want to go back and spend more time at the end of your trip. It would be the easiest when it is time to head home.

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Dijon is a great city and a short train ride from Paris.