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France In September

We will be in France Sept 9-21st, can anyone tell me what the
weather is like then. Also, does the weather change from Paris to Provence and the Loire Valley?

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Chellee, Paris is in the Western European coastal climate zone, the Provence is in the subtropical mediterranean climate zone, there are 800km in between. Your question can be answered just like the question what will the weather be like in California in September (Bay Area will certainly be different from San Diego). It'll probably be hot, sunny and nice in the Provence. The North is not so predictible but in recent years it has been sunny and dry in early September.

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Thank you Andreas, I am new to traveling in Europe and
do not have a clue your info is very useful.

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I was in Northern France last September, the weather was quite nice. Mostly sunny and warm, cooled off at night. Only one day of rain. Don't worry about the weather.