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France for 7 days in August


My husband and I are planning to visit France for 7 days during August this year. Do you know how the weather/crowd will be during that time of the year? Also, We are planning to be in Paris for 3 days, and visit some other parts of France for the other 4 days. Can you provide me any suggestion on what we can do for those 4 days? If nothing turns out good, we have plans of travelling to Florence, Italy, and San G for those 4 days, as we loved those places during our last time visit, and we felt we didn't get enough. Please provide your suggestions.

Thank you so much for all the responses.

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As for the weather, plan on it being hot. Therefore, I wouldn't suggest going to Provence in August. You could make a nice trip to Alsace, or to Burgundy - either would be a nice diversion, especially if you like wine. We've stayed in Equisheim in Alsace - with a car. I have fallen in love with Beaune, in Burgundy. If you have a car, either of these places could be a home base and then you could make sidetrips (à la Rick, of course!). The other thing you could do is make Paris your base for the entire week, and make day trips from there. You could go to Monet's gardens, to the champagne region, to Fontainbleu,for starters. Bonne chance!

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The Loire Valley is another good destination that is easy to access by train from Paris. We happened upon some wonderful little festivals in that area a few summers ago (e.g. the Rose Festival in Doue La Fontaine and the Fish Festival in Champtoceaux). Dordogne is facinating. It is further from Paris and hot in the summer, but closer and cooler than Florence. I find Beaunne makes a great home base even without a car because it is on a major rail line. Also, there is regular bus service from Beaunne to some of the small villages in the surrounding countryside. If I had 7 days I would do Paris and Burgandy.

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I would spend the entire time in Paris, but if you want diversity and cooler weather, I would suggest Normandy. We love it there.

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While I would say the weather should generally run hot in August, I can tell you I was in Paris for 14 days last August and it was only truly hot for 3 out of 14 days. What surprised me was that while I was in Paris I actually had to wear (several times) a fleece jacket that I had brought for my trip to wear in England and Ireland because many days it was raining and the weather was very cool (this was in early to mid-August).

Last summer was extremely rainy with lower than average temps for much of Europe, so you may want to bring a light jacket or sweater and a small umbrella just in case.

With the exception of the Eiffel Tower, I did not find the crowds or wait times at any museums or sights in August to be excessive.

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August is the best time to see Brittany. The winds from the ocean are cooling, yes the beaches are crowded, but nothing like the Sout of France. And the ocean is great for swimming in! Everything is open and there are open music festivals, celtic festivals, fest nozs etc... happening all the time.

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You will find much is closed for the month of August. Privately owned shops, etc, especially. Chains not so much.

The locals head to the seaside, maybe you would enjoy the same?

I believe there is always a way to have a great time in France, you just need to be sure you plan and know in advance.