France: Flavigny-sur-Ozerain

Happy spring all of ya'lls! Who has visited this village and this area, and could you make an entire vacation out of this area? We like to tootle around in a car, find quaint villages to have lunch and see a castle, tootle on more and go to a church and have a cafe and dessert, then back to the gite for dinner. Thanks!

Posted by Susan
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Yes, it's the perfect area for what you describe. I could easily spend a week or more in this area. Flavigny is where the movie "Chocolat" was filmed. We stayed in Beaune and spent two whole days driving around exploring. Loved every minute and loved the area. I thought the town of Flavigny itself was a bit boring... close by is the town of Chateauneuf-en-Auxois which I fell in love with. Has a castle and looks like a storybook village.

Posted by Adam
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I spent a week in Burgundy by bike. It's a rural region just right for the kind of sightseeing you describe. With a car, the Michelin tire company is your friend. It publishes wonderful maps and travel guides for motorists, complete with suggested itineraries. Get the Burgundy green guide. My personal hightlights might be different than yours, but they included (a) Beaune, (b) Vezeley and the Cousin Valley, (c) small towns of the Serien and (d) Fontenay Abbey. It was all great though, except for the town of Montbard. You are definitely on the right track, have a blast!

Posted by Bev
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We love this entire section. We will be staying near Charolles for a week at the end of April. This is west of Cluny and southwest of Beaune. This is the area of the Charolais cattle. The cattle auction at St. Christophe-en-Brionnais was really interesting. There are two different auctions, one that is very modern and the other that is the old style. The old style auction ring is over 400 years old or so we were told. I know we will go back again this year. All those little villages southwest and northeast of Beaune are really fun to visit. Do you have the book Back Roads of France? It is really fun to use to get off the beaten track. We have also used the Back Roads of Italy. My husband always wonders HOW we can get on some of the roads we do. For us, that is the fun of travelling!

Posted by Jane
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As Bev has mentioned there are several areas of Burgundy to visit. Beaune, Vezelay, Semur en Auxois, Noyers, Montreal,Chateauneuf en auxois, Avallon , Chablis ,Louhans etc are on the east side of the A6 tollroad, but there are many other places on the west side also.Originally we veered over to the west side because we wanted to avoid all the traffic around Lyon on the way down to Provence. The area that many call the Charolais-Brionnais region is really interesting.This is also the area of Beaujolais wine and you can drive south through the vineyards in the Fall.
last year we did something different. We spent time in the Avallon Montreal area drove down to Provence, then down to Collioure, to Carcassonne, and up through the Aveyron area which is really neat.If you drive up past the Millau bridge, and up you will come back up through Iguarande, and back to the Charolais Brionnais area again in one big loop. This area is really France profonde . This takes a while but it was a wonderful loop and not many tourists in the last area.