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Four Days in Southern Germany

I can see this has been beat to death but my wife and I are unsure of what to do. We arrive in Munich on May 23 at 0730 and leave from Munich on May 27 early afternoon. Would it be best to just stay in Munich for all nights and do day trips by car? Any suggestions on what would be best? We aren't into museums and that sort of thing, we do like architecture and landscapes though.

Edit: Now I'm thinking of changing our flight from Florence to Munich to Florence to Frankfurt and then just hitting different places on the way down to Munich. Is this a better idea?

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Day trips by train are equally feasible. You do not want a car for travelling around Munich.
A day trip to Salzburg is a good idea. Dachau is a suburb of Munich, the camp is reachable by train+bus.
Lots more, but You only have 3 nights, so you want to spend at least 2 days in Munich.

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The trip from Frankfurt to Munich has a lot to offer(Wurzburg, Nuremberg on the North route; Ulm, Augsburg on the south route etc) but I don't recommend that trip. I'd say keep your original plan to have Munich as your base. You could easily spend 2-3 days in just Munich (it's my favorite German city). My recommendations are Dachau or take a day trip to Salzburg or Regensburg; both can be reached easily and quickly by train. Book a tour in Regensburg through the city tourism office (can't remember if they only do certain days). When in Regensburg, be sure to eat at the historic sausage place by the river.