For those who wonder, Should I reserve ahead?

This weekend's Le Figaro reports the findings of an analysis by the hotel consulting group MKG which noted that Paris hotels have an average occupancy rate of 82%, which they estimated to mean that Paris hotels are fully booked 250 nights of the year. Of course this does not take into account apartment rentals or Air BnB, etc, which many of us use, but I thought it would make an interesting note for folks. By the way, the survey estimated the average cost of a Paris hotel room at €164 (around $223) a night. Of course this is heavily affected by the super-expensive "palace" hotels, as they're known, but another point that the report made was that due to high real estate prices in Paris, nobody can afford to put in new hotels in almost anything except the top top categories.
(Also, room stays in Paris were up 6.6% in 2012 over 2011.)

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Wow! That's an eye opener and good to know, especially if you are wanting budget friendly lodging.