Flying out of Zurich on march 28

I know march may not be a great time to visit Switzerland, but I really don't have a choice since my ticket is fixed. I love snow and I snowboard, but I have no plan to do so on this trip. I love the snow scenery, but I do come from area close to Lake Tahoe, so it's not that important unless it is significantly different. I have to start working on my train ticket to avoid arm and leg cost. I saw pictures of the scenic Bern, would like to visit zurich. Would it be a waste of time to head over to lucerne if the condition is not good? Interlaken? Thanks!!

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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Trying to tease out exactly what is your question is. If you like snow sports and you were in Switzerland in March, I'd think you'd be crazy NOT to hop on a board and take a few rides. Is it significantly different? Absolutely, and in wonderful ways.

Posted by steven
white plains, ny, usa
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Donna ,How long do you have for that part of the world ? The destinations you mention are all worthy of a visit . In the meantime , go to YouTube and watch " Great Continental Railway Journeys - Part 4 " A rail trip in in Switzerland presented by Michael Portillo . One hour of stunning sights that might help you decide .

Posted by Denise
Lake Forest, CA, USA
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I, personally, would not spend time in Interlaken. It is very touristy. However, from Interlaken you could take the train and cable car up to Muerren and/or Gimmelwald. It is significantly different than Tahoe and definitely worth the visit. It is truly magnificent. Nothing like I've ever seen in the States.