flying out of Frankfurt

hello. we will be staying at the mainz koenigshof hotel 2 nights before we fly out of Frankfurt at 10:15a oct 24 on Delta. what are Frankfurt airport's requirements as far as checking-in/security? thanks. olivia

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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Pretty much like any other airport, Olivia. If you don't already have a boarding pass, or if you have luggage to check (no one does that anymore, do they?), you check in. Then you go through outgoing immigration, where they will scan your passport and note that you are leaving Schengen, then you go through security on your way to your gate. The last time I left from Frankfurt, I only had to go through German security to get to the gate, but the last time out of Munich, there was also TSA security at the gate before I could board. I think I allowed 2½ hours at the airport, just to be safe, but it left me a lot of time to wait at the gate. The S-Bahn takes you to the Regionalbahnhof, under the building across the access road from Terminal 1. You just go through the mall under the road and up the escalators and you are in the departure hall. If you are flying a Star Alliance airline you checkin will be there. For some other airlines, you will need to look for signs to the Skyline, a people mover that goes from the top floor of T1 to T2. BTW, I stayed at Königshof in 2008 before flying out of FRA, and I think it is about the best place to stay near FRA.

Posted by Tom
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Your main choke points will be either passport control, security or both. For some reason, immigration into the EU at FRA is very efficient and rarely involves a wait of longer than 10 minutes. I'm not sure why, but leaving always seems to take much longer.

Posted by Charlie
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We flew out of Frankfurt airport on Sept. 25 (I think it was) and the only thing I remember was that it was certainly better that when we left Seattle.
Shorter lines and shorter waits and more pleasant employees.

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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If you're going to take the train from Mainz to Frankfurt airport keep in mind that train stops underneath terminal 1 but Delta flies out of terminal 2. There is a bus shuttle from that train station to terminal 2 but all in all that's an additional 20 minutes travel time (including the wait for the next shuttle. They run every 10 minutes). Given my experience with that terminal be in terminal 2 no later than 60 minutes prior to your departure.

Posted by Olivia
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thank you, all. we originally planned to be at the airport 2 hrs before flight, we will make it 2 1/2 hrs. aside from the usual security, etc, we need to go to the tax refund counter - i will post another question re this. when we arrived 6 wks ago, we took a skytram from terminal 2 to 1, then went down to the train station. perhaps we can take the same tram from terminal 1 to 2 so we don't have to wait for the bus. thank you. as usual, this helpline is so helpful.

Posted by Brian
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the last two times we flew back from Europe (one of these was frankfurt) the gates to our US flight were a secure area and we had to go through this extra security at the gate. Thesecurity guys kept on telling us this was a USA requirement. The other flight was really a pain to get into the gate- shoes off, belt off, everyone wanded etc. Again blamed on USA requirements. (and of course, a visit to the restrooms meant having to go through the whole prefrmance again

Posted by James E.
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Brian, I believe you because I have seen that sort of thing before. But on our trips through Frankfurt in June and Otober we didnt have that happen. The General Security we had to go through was pretty efficient and well managed but this is an airport that takes a long time to get from terminal to terminal. Not one of my favorite airports but still better than places like JFK or Chucky D.

Posted by Ms. Jo
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At the Frankfurt airport, it takes about 5 min. to get from terminal 1 to terminal 2, if you use the Sky Train monorail. Much easier than that bus. Security is quick and efficient with no removing of shoes, and there are lots of stores, cafes and bathrooms on the other side of security. When you get off the Regional train on track 1, under terminal 1, just head for the escalator that says Departures. Go up that and walk straight ahead, as this is B-1 and walking through here takes you to the Sky train. From the time you get off the S-bahn from Mainz, til you get to terminal 2, should only take about 5-10 min.

Posted by Olivia
Margate, FL, USA
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thank you, jo, for the details re getting to T2. my other question is the tax refund counter. where do i find this counter? i posted a separate question but no one responded. i now have 21 euros worth of refund. that would be nice to recover. btw, we fly out tomorrow. appreciate any quick response. thanks.

Posted by Olivia
Margate, FL, USA
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Let me relate our last day in Germany and in so doing, answer my own question, and hopefully help others in the future.
Mainz Hotel Konigshof serves breakfast from 6:30am on. We requested early breakfast and they were ready by 5:45am. We left the hotel at 6:30, walked across the plaza/tram stop area to the train station (2 min walk), bought one-way tickets to the airport at 4,10 euros each and took the 7:02am S8 train to the airport. The ride took around 30 minutes. We got off at the train airport stop, followed the signs that said 'Departures' and 'T2 Departures' taking several escalators and walking thru T1, got on the sky tram and arrived in T2. T2 has a D and E area and since we were on Delta, we went to the D area. We checked in easily and went thru passport control. No problem. The Global Blue tax refund counter and customs counter were on the right side after passport control. The customs counter asked for our passports and stamped our tax refund forms. Global Blue gave us back our tax refund in cash. In Germany, we shopped in 3 stores where 2 used Global Blue and the other Premier tax refund. So, we looked for the Premier tax refund counter and found it next to the currency exchange on the corridor towards security. Premier tax refund did not give us our refund in cash but told us to write our credit card number on the form which we had to drop in the green post office box on our way to security. It seems the store we shopped at didn't give cash refunds. Security was by gate number. There was security for gates 1 to 4, another for 5 to 8, etc. which dispersed the passengers and avoided any bottle neck. They had x-ray machines but we opted to be patted down. There was really no hassle to departing from FRA airport. We had a great trip. Thanks everyone for all your help.

Posted by Roger
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We had one evening in Mainz before boarding train to Switzerland. We had a rental car in Germany so needed a location to drop off the car the evening before our departure (save 1 day rental) . Hotel Koenigshoff fit the bill as it is just across a plaza from the train station and Eurocar drop off was handled in the train station. This is an older building but our room was clean. Only negative was getting in and out of shower as it was a step up of almost 12 inches. Getting in wasn't a problem but getting out was a challenge as the shower floor was slippery and there was no grab rail to offer stability. Maybe if I were younger it would not have been an issue. Breakfast was filling and lots of ion. From look of other guests this looks like a businessman's hotel. Front desk did offer a restaurant suggestion, Proviantmagazin on Schillerstr. 11, 55116
Good food large ion

Posted by Jeremy
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Nothing special like most have said. We flew American and the most time consuming thing was getting our boarding pass, even is you have priority boarding or whatever. We flew at a busy time and security was fine going to the terminal and gate.