flowers in Spain

We are planning a trip to Rota Spain in 2014. When are the various trees and flowers in bloom. Particularly interested in the olives and almonds.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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In Andalusia, the almonds were in bloom all over while I was there in February (got back a week ago and my head is still there). That was about all that was blooming though. Except for the citrus, palms and olives, the trees were all bare and many bushy plants had been pruned back to stalks. The gardens were all in retreat and the window boxes and hanging geraniums and such were woebegone. The citrus trees should be blooming soon. Since there are so many along the streets and in the parks, that should be a great time to be there - for the heady scent even more than the flowers themselves. Other than that, February was a wonderful time to visit - the days were mostly sunny, it was never hot, there were relatively few tourists, prices were low season, and because the trees were bare, the beautiful buildings were visible. There were some closures (mostly flamenco venues and bodega tours) but there was so much else to see that there was no disappointment. Also take a look at Brad's trip reports - he was there last year in April.

Posted by Kelly
St Petersburg Florida
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I was in Andalusia January 1st and the Almond trees were starting to bloom. There were olives on the some olive trees, so I am not sure if a flower presents itself too.