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Flights to Spain from the West Coast

Does anyone have suggestions for finding a reasonably priced flight to Spain in September? I've been searching for a couple months and haven't found anything for less than $1000. Thanks for the help!

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Well what about flying into london or paris and then transfer to a low cost airline such as easjet or something.

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Try (the Spanish airline website). I know they are running specials right now for around $650 to $850 RT to Spain. Not sure about the exact dates of the promotion, but worth taking a look.

Good luck! I'm going there in September myself, flying Continental with points. Check them too, if you haven't already, because it seems like their non-ff tickets weren't too too pricey either.

Que tenga un buen viaje!


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bluedenim's advice about flying in to London from the US and then transferring to a low cost carrier is good for cutting costs. However, be aware that most US flights to London arrive in Heathrow, and most low cost flights will depart from Gatwick.

You are responsible for transporting your bags from one airport to the other (i.e., you must deal with baggage claim at heathrow, and check your bags back in at Gatwick), and the connection is via a bus. Allow 3 hours to make your connecting flight. The bus fare is 19 pounds per person (about $40.) and you can purchase it in advance. See
for more info.