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Flamenco in Madrid

I will be in Madrid towards the end of the month of July with my daughter. She is 18 and it's her first time visiting Madrid. She is very disappointed because there are no bullfights during those days (July 24 to 28) and she would like to go see Flamenco. I have been reading the reviews for the Viator Flamenco tour and I feel it's not worth it. Does anyone has a favorite place to go see Flamenco in Madrid? Maybe somewhere no so much touristy? Thanks.

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July 27th there is a bullfight scheduled for Las Ventas (the Madrid Bullring): 27 de Julio. 20:30
Novillos de Torrenueva para José Miguel Navarro, Miguel Ángel Delgado y Pablo Lechuga. Found this on (

As far as Flamenco goes, Madrid is not 'the place' of its origin- that would be the Andalucian cities of Granada and Sevilla. There are many different options available, like the one you're exploring and plenty of flamenco restaurants you can easily find ( but its usually not madrilenos that are attending these shows which are geared for tourists.

I would strongly encourage the bullfight on the 27th. See if you can get tickets via ( you can just pick up the tickets at machines located at the bullring itself. Pay the extra to sit in the shade. Take Metro Line 2 (red line) and it will drop you off at the bullrings front door. Super easy, super fun, and very uniquely Espanol.

Mucha suerte y que disfruteis su tiempo en Espana. Un saludo.

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Las Carboneras is a great place to see good flamenco dancers and hear excellent Spanish guitar. No need to dress up, mostly locals and a friendly manager and waiters. The cover charge is reasonable and includes one drink and a very entertaining one hour show. It was recommended by Rick in his book on Spain a couple of years ago. May have a few more tourist now.