Ferry from Barcelona to Rome (Citivichia)

Does anyone have experience with taking this ferry? My husband and I are traveling to Europe in the late fall, and I am considering the ferry but worried about safety.

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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The ferry company is Grimaldi lines, a very reputable company. They also own Finnlines who connect Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark and Finland with each other. It's a beautiful mini-cruise. Go for it!

Posted by Janet
Colorado, USA
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We took the Civitavecchia-Barcelona trip on Grimaldi a few years ago in spring. It was fine - lots of college kids on spring break.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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How long does ferry take and what is pricing like? I never thought of ferry( living on an island, I hate them, lol ) Does one take ferry for the scenery or is it cheap? I know you can get cheap flights from Barcelona to Rome pretty cheap on Vueling and I imagine Easyjet too,, but, if its a nice ride I guess that would be a selling point.

Posted by guy
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Safety wouldn't a big worry, but pricing could be, compared with flying a budget airline, unless you avoid taking a cabin and just sleep in a reclining seat similar to what you get on planes, but bigger, in a big common room with baggage space up in front. Cabins come for 2 or 4, down below or on deck -- those for 4 can be for men or women only. They have bathroom and shower, and can cost 200-250 E for two persons, depending on season, the company you use, and your choice. Seats would cost half that or less. Spain-Italy ferries have bars, restaurants, movies, music, shopping, sometimes a pool. You can bring your own food or drink. They usually leave in the evening, and arrive the next afternoon or evening. A comfy way to go, but little to see, except the Mediterranean. Do some research to pick company and ship you want, and the date, of course. They are frequent.

Posted by Steve
Gaston, Oregon, USA
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Gail, use Whichbudget.com to search for the lo-cost inter EU arlines, if cost, and use of time is a concern.