Family friendly Can Can in Paris

I would love to see a Moulin Rouge type show when we are in Paris but with a son turning 11 years old and two tween girls, I know the famous act would not be appropriate for them. Does anyone know of an nate entertainment show that would be suitable for a family? Thanks,

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Carol, honestly , no, I do not know of any nighttime show that features something like the Can Can where your kids won't see boobs. The reality is the Europeons will take their kids to those shows cause they don't have nudity issues like most of us North Americans. Other then the boobs the show would not be inappropriate, but might just bore an 11 yr old.
Why bother with shows anyways, theres so much to do in Paris that wasting an evening and HUNDREDS of Euros doesn't seem worth it to me. An evening there could run your family 4 or 5 hundred dollars, for one evening, and blah food. I suggest you do a fun family activity like a Fat Tire Paris by Night tour, it includes a boat cruise. Eat before you go. Kids will enjoy that more I bet. Some museums have evening hours, Louvre and Orsay for example and they are quieter and less crowded in evening. A fun silly dinner out, google a place called Sargent Recruiter, or Vin Pain and Fromage. A walk along ghe river . Heck if dying to sit down and be out of the rain there are movie theaters, and they oftne have VO ( version orginal, usually meaning in english) movies.

Posted by Richard
Los Angeles
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It's fine to take your 11 year old boy to see boobs, it's not a lewd show. The reason not to take him is, it's a tourist trap that no Parisian would be caught dead going to. He's gonna see plenty of nudity at The Louvre.