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Exporting from camera memory to CD at stores in France

Will I be able to transfer from my camera (Xd memory) to a CD at stores in France? In the US we can walk into any Walmart or Walgreens and do this for under $5. Do you know the name of the stores that do this in France? Will the formatting be usable when I get back in the States?

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yes you can, just need find a kodak photo shop and they can burn cd or dvd. these are data format disks so you can view on pc. it's more expensive than in the US, but not too bad.

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The only thing I need to mention is time. We only had a large memory stick (126 pictures) so we had to wait to get it transferred. I'd consider getting a second stick so you can go back and pick the disk up at the end of the day (providing that it is close to where you are staying).

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I use a portable hard drive made especially for downloading the pictures from your compact flash cards or memory sticks. They are very resonable. We took 797 pictures during our 8 weeks trip and was happy to know that we had a back up for the pictures.

I downloaded backed up either every day or two.

Google and check them out. BTW they are very small amd compact. They use batteries and you charge them just like your cameras.

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Bob- My husband and I travel alot in Europe as he is a professional photographer. There are lots of places everywhere that will make you a good CD. In Paris thaere are many places. He takes a portable hard drive called a JoBo, and in May he had over 5000 photographs on it. You can see the photos to make sure they are on there. It has a neat little screen. Not cheap, but well worth it if you are going on a long trip or take a lot of photos. He just told me the xd card may be a problem, but you could google camera stores in the town you are going to and ask them.He has a Canon5D.

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Thanks for all your help. We are back from the trip and agree that it is easy to transer to disc. We used an internet cafe we found in Paris. We also used Carfour (similar to our Walmart). It was easy and cheap. (not more than 5 euros)