expected taxi fare from CDG to Paris (around Eiffel Tower)

Hello! My new spouse and I are about to go on our honeymoon to Europe and our first stop is Paris. We've been pretty exhausted with wedding planning and although we are aware that the RER from CDG is really convenient, we are looking into taking a cab from CDG to where we're staying near the Eiffel Tower. What is the expected fare for that distance? Just want to be aware so that we don't get ripped off. Also, should we reconsider the RER? We're two fairly able-bodied people with one carry-on each and one large checked-in roller bag between us... I just fear that with jetlag and overall fatigue and having so much stuff on us, my guard for pickpocketing will be down on the RER... Thank you in advance for your help!

Posted by Kim
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Take a taxi, it's your honeymoon and your first stop. The RER and the metro aren't that convenient for getting to areas near the Eiffel Tower, which just means more of a pain. Take the 19€ you would pay for your two RER tickets and use it towards the cost of your tax, which should be no more than 60€.

Posted by Ken
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Dominique, I've made the trip from the airport to the 7th on many occasions hauling two Backpacks and a Camera bag, and haven't found travel by RER and Metro to be too much of an issue, even when jet lagged. It's about the cheapest method of all the choices, which is a benefit. Taxi would certainly be easier and simpler if you have a "generous budget", but if you've just paid for an elaborate wedding, I suspect you may be interested in keeping the costs down (honeymoon or not!). One factor to keep in mind with Taxi travel is that they're subject to traffic, so depending on what time your flight arrives and traffic conditions at the time, it may not be a quick trip. One point to mention if you decide to use the RER, is that there will likely be scammers and thieves onboard. If you're vigilant you shouldn't have a problem. The other choice would be to pre-book a Shuttle. Check the Guidebooks or online for the services operating at CDG. The benefit of that is that they'll take you right to your hotel. Are you staying in the Rue Cler area? Congratulations and happy travels!

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That fare will be roughly 45-50 euro. Taxi fares in Paris are regulated by the Prefect of Police. Be sure to get your taxi by going to the official taxi rank outside your terminal. Ignore any taxi touts that approach you in the terminal. Don't call ahead for a taxi; the driver will (legally) start the meter when he gets the call, not when he picks you up.

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I vote for the RER, 9.50 euros each. So easy and really a lot cheaper! If you feel the cost is worth it, take a taxi, all personal choice. Happy Travels!

Posted by Melissa
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Last December my fair from the 7 arr to CDG was 50 euros.

Posted by Swan
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A reasonable compromise on cost would be to take the RER to Gare du Nord, then a taxi from there. The RER really is easy from CDG. Take the taxi from CDG if that will ease your travel jitters. I take taxis when I feel the need, and always think the cost was worth it.

Posted by H J
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My fare last spring was 55 euros...the driver took me to the right number but on the wrong street...several blocks away at 1100 pm in St. Michael...be sure you are where you want to be before he leaves!!! I would recommend the train...

Posted by Sarah
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You could see how you feel when you arrive at CDG. Maybe you'll be up for the RER. My sister and I took it to the St.-Michel stop and it was very easy. We bought tickets from a staffed window at the airport. There is a TI at the airport which can answer any RER questions you might have.

Posted by Swan
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It helps to have your destination written down so you can show that to the cabbie. Some use a GPS system and will put in that address so they can go to the correct address. I do this whenever I am in a non-English speaking country. If I am going to a train station, I can usually make myself understood by simply saying the name of the station.

Posted by christie
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We took a taxi from cdg to rue cler area at about 80usd. Worth every penny as we saw the most beautiful city in the world unfold before us. Take a taxi and hold hands the whole way. Do the trains kn the next visit

Posted by Bryan Cribbs
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Have you asked your hotel if they offer a shuttle? If they do it is likely to be cheaper than a taxi but offers the same door-to-door drop off and not having to navigate the trains while tired and jet-lagged. That said, the RoissyBus for 10€ drops you off at Opéra, and then you can take the metro to L'Ecole Militaire (very near the Eiffel tour). Pickpockets won't be a worry if you empty your pockets and place your valuables in your suitcase (not in an outside pocket, obviously). PS: On my last trip to Paris a taxi cost 76€ from CDG to very near the Eiffel tower. (But I didn't take it, I used the RoissyBus in and hotel shuttle out).

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It's your honeymoon and first time in Paris, personally I don't think the trip into town on the RER, particularly with 3 bags, is the way to start. I've taken luggage on trains all over France, and sure it can be done, but it can be a hassle particularly if the train is crowded. The RER is inexpensive, but sometimes it's not appropriate. Take it next time you are in Paris. Pop for the money to take a cab in. If it's during rush hour though, the cost could be high, just be prepared. Another option that I always use is the Air France bus (Les Cars) from the airport to one of the several destinations in the city. This bus is very comfortable, quiet and relaxing. You can easily store your luggage underneath. It has a couple of different routes and centrally located destinations (such as Gare de Lyon, Arche de Triomphe). Go to the CDG website and find the pick-up point for your arrival terminal, and the route with a destination closest to your hotel, then take a cab from there. Bon voyage!

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I agree that the Cars Air France (the nice bus) is more comfortable than the RER. . . But for two people, it costs €34. . . . .and only gets you into town. Then you still have to get to your hotel (I.e. more expense and possibly more walking, changing lines, etc). For value for money, if you are more than one person with somewhat-significant luggage and staying in the 7th, take a cab .

Posted by Dominique
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Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all your thoughtful and helpful replies. They're much appreciated. :) Out of laziness and a "hey it's our honeymoon" mentality, we ended up taking a taxi from CDG to the apartment we had rented on Avenue du Suffren and it cost us 38 euros (including tip). I think we lucked out with light traffic from the airport since I was expecting the fare to be closer to 50... Since it was an apartment from a private owner, there was no shuttle service available. Thank you again for your feedback! Cheers,