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European trip to Paris, Amsterdam, Switzerland and Italy

Greetings! My partner and I are planning a trip to Europe in September. We are looking for alternative lodging in Amsterdam, Paris, French-Speaking part of Switzerland and the Italian coast, and possibly Florence, Sienna, and Venice. We will only be in each city for 2-4 days, so renting by the week would be out. We would like to stay in gay-friendly districts where possible (Paris and Amsterdam) and also are interested in economical castles, convents, hostels, and especially B&B's. Our budget is under a 100.00 US dollars per night and hopefully much cheaper on some hostels evenings. Also, which sites would you recommend? We are a photographer and filmmaker in our early 30's interested in art, history, and strange quirky little sites not on the tourist walk. Finally, we are only going to be in Switzerland for three days: One of these will be in Chesieres/Villars, any suggestions for the 2nd and third day? IF you had to choose between the Italian and German part, which would you choose and why?
Thank you for your input and we wish you a fabulous journey on your next adventure...

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