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We are a family of four, children aged 12 & 11yrs at the time of travel. We shall be moving from delhi capital of INDIA and arrive at Brussels. Dates of travel 28 May onwards for approx 16-18 days. May I request you for advice on how should we plan our iteniary. Mid range budget is fine for us. We intend to get the correct feel of adjoining countries & plan to touch upon the maj locs in these nations. Our exit can be from Rome. Travel mode seemingly would be road or advice....thanks....satish trivedi

Posted by Debi
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You will need to decide what cities/countries you wish to visit. Then the great people on this hotline can help you organize your intinerary.
The question is way to broad. Happy Travels!!

Posted by Sarah
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I'd suggest reading Rick Steves' "Europe through the Back Door" to learn about travel modes. And you should also do some research to see what you'd like to visit. But since you asked for advice: Stay in Brussels for 2 nights to get over jet lag and see some of the city Take the train to Amsterdam and stay there for 4 days Take the train to Paris and stay there for 4-6 days Fly to Rome and stay there for 4-6 days Fly home from Rome This itinerary would give you a taste of a few different cultures in Europe.

Posted by Julie
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All of the Rick Steves guidebooks have a section for planning your itinerary depending on the amount of time you have. I happen to have Best of Europe 2012 right here on my desk! He says " are my recommended priorities. These itineraries are fast-paced, but doable by car or train, and each allows about 2 nights in each spot. Most work best if you fly 'open jaw'". For 5 days: Paris, Swiss Alps 7 days, add: London 10 days, add: Rome 14 days, add: Rhine, Amsterdam, Haarlem 18 days, add: Venice, Florence. Obviously you can make adjustments for your own interests and pace. Since you are arriving in Brussels, I would take 2 days there, then add Paris, Swiss Alps, London, Rome, and then I would add Austria (Salzburg, Vienna, Hallstatt) because it is so beautiful.
Planning is half the fun. Enjoy.

Posted by Tom
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Ummm... look at the location of the poster, people. Rick Steves' books may not be available there.

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I think delivers worldwide.

Posted by satish
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Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs. Shall incorporate all in my planning. Do keep wishes