Europe in February

My friend and I will be in Paris at the end of January and have about a week and a half to travel afterward. We would love to go somewhere somewhat warm (or at least with clear skies) affordable and with good food. We want an experience that will be different than Paris. We are considering Spain and/or Portugal. Where should we go? Do we have time for both?

Posted by James
Frisco, NV
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Did you realize that Rome and New York City are at about the same latitude? the best i can think of is the Greek islands but even the will be cool. Or possibly he middle east but, ... Or you could just decide if you are going to be cold anyway to go where they know how to find enjoyment in the cold. Go to St Petersburg, or Moscow or Norway or Sweeden.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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I'm planning a trip exactly at that time to Andalusia. On average, it has about the best winter weather in Europe, and little rain any time. I would have said Venice for Carnevale (Jan 26-Feb 7 in 2013) but that is high high season and pricey. The rest of Italy is low season. I've been to Italy twice in February. Some days I needed a coat or a rain poncho, some days were warm and sunny.

Posted by Tova
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Thanks! We were thinking of Andalusia...and it's a shorter trip from Paris. We do want to go somewhere relatively inexpensive, that's why we thought Spain would be a better bet than staying in France or going to Italy.