Eiffel Tower tickets online almost sell out in VERY short time

Our trip to Paris is in September and I tried to buy Eiffel Tower tickets in advance online (as suggested by learned and appreciated fellow travelers here!). They go on sale roughly 3 months ahead of the date you choose to use the ticket - but beware, they really do sell out of reservation times fast, even 3 months ahead. I was searching through our September dates yesterday, on June 21st. Practically everything was gone for Sept. 13, 14, 15, 16, (didn't check 17th - in London all day) 18, (didn't check 19th - in Normandy) before finding out everything was available on the 20th. Good thing, I only have the 20th and 21st left for days in Paris. The only reason everything was available on the 20th? Tickets weren't on sale yet, the window opened 5 hrs from when I was searching! http://www.eiffel-tower.com/preparing-your-visit/buying-your-tickets.html Needless to say, I was poised over my computer counting the seconds - it really was "gentlemen, start your engines.. (computers..)" But it worked, as soon as it was 4pm MST (midnight in Paris), the window opened and I snagged two tickets to the summit at 8pm, Sept 20. I want that day-dusk-night experience.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Yes advance tickets sell out fast!! And of course September is such a busy month ( some people think its "off season " since its not july or august , if only they really knew) .. One tip , is if tickets are sold out to summit try for tickets to second level.. you can then purchase a ticket to summit on the second level if you wish.. ( although I wish people also believed me when I tell them the view is so good from the second level its almost not important to go to the top)

Posted by Bets
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Is it possible ticket brokers are snatching them up? Just a guess, as this didn't seem to be such a problem before the elevators went out last year. Subsequently, several people have asked questions about being able to get tickets only if they take certain tours.

Posted by Alexander
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Amen, Pat. The Eiffel Tower is great and all, but I think people will find that their favorite moments of their trip will not be on the tower. I always refer people to the last mini film in the movie "Paris, je t'aime" where the woman notices in one second that she has fallen in love with Paris.

Posted by DK
St. Albert, Canada
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I agree too, I've been to the second level - I was shocked my wife wanted the summit considering her fear of heights. But it IS her first trip there, so why not. And it's so true, the tower is not "Paris", and Paris is not just the tower. Over seven or eight days there, there are about fifteen life-enhancing things to see or do that I have planned..

Posted by Em
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Thank you so much for this info since we are hoping to go to Paris next June. We were there several years ago, before the on-line reservation system, were "only" able to go to the second level, and I will second what others have said: the views from there wes incredible. I also had a quick question for you: since you bought your ticket to the summit, do you know if you will be able to go down to the second level also, or will you only be able to go to the top? Thank you.

Posted by DK
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@Em, The elevator to/from the summit only goes from the 2nd level (as far as I know) so yes, you will have 2nd level access when you buy a summit ticket..

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Posted by Holly
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Thank you so much for this info as I am going to Paris almost the same time you are there. I was able to get 2 tickets for Monday 23, at 1530-the last tickets available that day. Could have gone the 24/25 but didn't want to wait a couple of more days and risk not getting any tickets at all. Whew...would have been really mad if we could not have gone up!!!!! Holly

Posted by DK
St. Albert, Canada
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Holly, you still could have gone up - only advance reservation tickets sell out. You can always buy a ticket at the site - you just have to wait a couple of hours in line! ;)

Posted by Diane
New York, NY, USA
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I agree - just returned yesterday and had set alarm and gotten tickets on line for 20:00. When we arrived, my aunt looked at the lines and told me I was forgiven for any other snafus and bossing the group around for the week !! LOL - and it was one of the highlights of our trip. Did it the last evening and then took a taxi back along the river to our hotel. Nice exclamation point to the trip!
Do be very careful- Dad caught someone attempting to pick his pocket and another person told us his wifes Iphone had been stolen there