Eiffel Tower tickets

I waited until 24:00 Paris time to buy my tickets for the Eiffel Tower. They were due to go on sale for June 30 on April 1. I went on just when the tickets were to go on sale. By 3 minutes after all of the tickets for a party less than 1 were sold out to go up to the top. Do I need to settle for the 2nd level. Are the summit tickets impossible to get? Thanks

Posted by Ray
Portland, Oregon, USA
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did you try for a different day, or does 30 June have some cosmic significance? can you get single tickets to the top? if so, start typeing away. happy trails.

Posted by Tracie
Baltimore, MD, United States
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We are only in Paris for a few days and June 30 is the first day. My husband and I are traveling with our two sons. So I would like to get enough tickets for all of us.

Posted by Karen
Sacramento, CA, USA
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If you are able to get tickets to the 2nd level in advance, do it. Once you are on the 2nd level you can buy tickets there to go the rest of the way to the top, and you have to wait in line again there anyway. :) I tried to get tickets for us in advance and was never able to (even to the 2nd level). The first full day in Paris we went to the tower first thing in the morning and stood in line. It was about 2 hours just to the ticket counter, but we were able to purchase tickets to go to the top. Be advised that if weather conditions turn dicey they sometimes close the top. But if they do, it's worth waiting for a few minutes to see if it reopens. While we were in line they closed and reopened it several times. Do you have to go to the top? Of course not, the views are amazing from the 2nd level. But do you want to go and have to say you didn't go all the way to the top?? Do it! And Have fun!

Posted by Tracie
Baltimore, MD, United States
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Thanks everyone for the input. I kept checking back and was able to get tickets to the summit. Check that off my list.