Eiffel Tower reservation Online

I read some where in Rick Steves that starting 2009 we can make reservation for Eiffel tower online.
I checked , only group reservations for 20 or more seem to be possible not individual tickets.
Any clue ??

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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It says on the Eiffel Tower website that they will start accepting reservations for individuals some time in the fall of 2009.

Posted by SuzieeQQ
San Diego, CA
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We were at the Eiffel Tower last week and asked about this because the lines were so long, it was taking at least 2 hours to get in. We were told that the ONLY way to get tickets, aside from a tour group, was to stand in line. There is a ticket line, a security line, and a line for the elevator. The Eif. Tower people suggested coming first thing in the morning to avoid the long lines. We did so and although there was a line, things moved along nicely. And the view was exceptional (and I was really not that interested in going, so I was very surprised).

Posted by susan
chicago, illinois, usa
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Hello Mala,

I visited Paris September 08 and the lines were very long. I kept putting off the tower thinking the lines would go down. They did not. To my surprise, I was not in line more than 10 and was able to board the tower lift. I would not worry about buying online tickets as each line is very quick and should not take you longer than 20 mins top to start the tour. I suggest if possible, you go up the tower in the day and night. Both offer some spectacular views.


Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Every tinme I go, the lines are long, the best chance for a short wait is to go just before it opens.

We have also taken the stairs, the line for the stairs was only 20 minutes long, when the line for the elevators were estimated at over 1.5 hours long!

I have only gone June thru Sept,, so cannot comment on lines in slower seasons, I am sure they are better.

BTW, there is anther way to avoid the lines. Make reservations for a meal in the restaurant. That is an expensive way to avoid a line up though, LOL

Posted by Mala
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
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I believe there are reservations for Individuals guided tours occurring on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 10:00 or 17:30.
This tour is 1:30 long and It costs 20 Euros per adult and 15.50 per child under 10 years old.
You can reach them through email -
contact@visitez-autrement.net or www.purplebeam.com
This is 8 euros more, but you get a guided behind the scenes tour and get to beat those long long lines.
Unfortunately it wont work for us since we are there sunday through tuesday...But thought others might find this information useful...or another option is to pay 50 dollars ..get a tour of Paris in an closed bus and you get to go to the second floor of the eiffel tower without any lines.(viator.com)

Posted by Chris
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Or just go Christmas day, 30 seconds in line and step right up . . . :)

Posted by Nancie
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Well, don't go on New Year's Day - we were in line for almost 3 hours.

Posted by Charlie
Honolulu/Seattle, HI/WA, USA
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So if I go early to get a ticket, can I use the ticket later in the day - like at sunset?

Posted by Michelle
Anaheim, CA, USA
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I splurged and booked a meal at the restaurant. To skip the line was priceless. the meal was ok... not the best, but to sit and relax, while eating lunch was worth the price.

PM me if you have any queestions!

Posted by Ed
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You're going at it the wrong way. First of all go up the tower only after you've been in Paris at least a couple of days and then do it at night. Several reasons: a -- the haze has gone away and you can see a lot more b -- after you've walked the ground, it more fun to spot the places you've been c -- since Paris is the City of Lights you might as well see the darn things d -- in the summer it has cooled off and standing in line is not miserable e -- at night the lines are much shorter, the most I've waited any time of year is twenty minutes to get on the first elevator.