eiffel tower

i've got your MPT package and the paris guide. ready to fly saturday. paris on May 2nd. would like to do eiffel that day, but there have not been any advance sale for some time. i understand only one elevator is working. ok, we will walk. but where to start. is there something about the south leg and a yellow awning entrance for walkers? is that for tickets or just an entrance. need details. thanks,
dean c

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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i've got your MPT package and the paris guide Hi, Dean, I'm sorry I don't have the answers to your questions - I'm sure that people here much more familiar with that particular attraction than I will have your answers; but I did want to say that it appears that you may think that you have addressed your question to RS or his team. We are just a semi-anarchic bunch of fellow travelers who have a bit of experience in various aspects of European travel.

Posted by Nancy
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Personally I would just go over there and let the length of the ticket line determine if you want to wait in line or walk up. There will be plenty of folks around that speak english and will help if you have any questions. I've never minded standing in a line for a while and I never get advance tickets for sites that are weather dependent.

Posted by Dean
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thanks everyone. good responses. i confirmed the info on the south leg. stairs and ticket window. much shorter line at all times. i think we are going to take the challenge. yikes.