Eiffel Tower Christmas

Though we've been to Paris we've never gone up the Eiffel Tower. We would love to ice skate there this year. However, we're too late to make reservations for the Eiffel Tower during our stay in Paris over Christmas. It's all booked aside from the 22:00 which is too late for us. Is there any point in showing up and getting in line if the reservations are all taken? I'm reluctant to stand in the cold for hours, should we just pass it up? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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When I was there in late Dec./early Jan. they would only allow people to go to the first level. The rest was shut down because of freezing temperatures. There is no way of knowing beforehand if you would encounter that. It wouldn't be too bad to go up the stairs to the first level anyway. There is ice skating in front of the Hotel De Ville (City Hall) too.