Eiffel Tower

We are visiting Paris the end of October and I cannot get reservations for the Eiffel Tower. Are there other places to get tickets for the tower Thank you

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Sharon, its not going to be as crazy busy at end of October, just go and get in line like everyone else does.. They only sell a very small number of tickets in advance..
Go first thing before it opens if you are worried about waiting, or take the stairs, the line for them is never that long. Getting online tickets is really nice in june, july and august, even september,, but by october I think you will have 1/2 hour or max an hour wait in line,, it won't kill you .. wear a warm coat.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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And what if you bought advance tickets and it turned out to be raining that day? Buying on the day can be a good thing.

Posted by Sharon
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Thank you for your good advice, we will wear warm coats and get in line!

Posted by Tara
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Also, if you go an hour before it closes you may have less of a line. I've not done that in October, but it worked great for us in July.