Eiffel Tower

We would love confirmation on this... If we plan on climbing the stairs to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, can we simply purchase a ticket on the second floor to ride the lift to the top? And, is there a line to climb the stairs as well? I'm assuming not!:) Thank you so much!

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Yes you can purchase tickets to top from second floor, personally I wouldn't bother, but then I ve done it so perhaps everyone wants to say they have done it once at least.
There can be a line for stairs, but rarely more then a few minutes. The longest I waited for stairs was about 15-20 minutes and that was in july and lines for elevators was hours long so relatively not an issue if doing stairs.

Posted by Nancy
Dunkirk, MD, USA
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Is it best to purchase a ticket in advance? Been reviewing Skip the Line Tours and it will be $65 each! If there is a better way, such as walking the stairs, and purchacing a pass on the 2nd level I would prefer that. We will be there memorial weekend this May so I was worried about crowds, school tours. Also wanted to go up for sunset. Any advice appreciated as I am not a seasoned traveler to Europe and we only have one full day. Thank you!

Posted by Karen
Sacramento, CA, USA
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If you are fit enough (physically and mentally!) to climb to to the second level on the stairs then you should do that. Even if there is a line it will not be nearly as long as for the elevators. My husband and I were there last week, and he is not fit to climb the stairs (he is afraid of heights). We waited in line for over 2 hours to get tickets, then another 15-20 minutes after that to get onto the elevator. So if you are up to hiking the stairs I say do it and then get your summit tickets from there. There is also a line for that lift.

Posted by gone
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hi, whatever and whereever you plan on using the elevator, buy the tickets early. The longest line was for ticket. there wasnt any line for people that had prepurchased their tickets. just waiting to get thru security. also, dont drink alot before you go. happy trails.