Eiffel Tower

All times are booked for the Eiffel Tower for the days we are in Paris. Will it be an impossibility now to get tickets? Is the wait long to purchase tickets on the day? Does anyone have any pointers for purchasing tickets at the Tower?

Posted by Claire
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
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Lines are very long. Fat Tire has tours for about $65.00 and you skip the line. I looked today, there are spots available!
Think about it!

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Monique, if lines are long, no matter how long, there is always one line that is a lot shorter then the others.. even in july and august. The line for the stairs. I have taken them and they are not so bad. My son and I went one day a few years ago, the line for the elevators was very very long, it stretched well past a sign that said "wait time from this point 1.5 hours". So , we got in the line for stairs. Took less then 20 minutes. Also another way to avoid waiting hours and hours, go about 30-45 minutes before it opens, sure its still a wait but at least a more predictable one. Finally as suggested by Claire there are tours that allow you to "skip the line", they cost more but for some people money is time , especially those on short 2-3 day visits.

Posted by gone
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hi, when i was there last march, there was a loooong ticket line. they only had one booth open and one elevator to the 2nd level. things maybe different now. all i could suggest if you cant get any advance tickets, get there o dark early and get your tickets first. happy trails.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Ray last year they had an elevator broken, and it stayed broken for months and months.. when we went in July with reserved tickets, the line for those without tickets was three hours long.. luckily I read forums, ( remember many people have never even heard of travel forums) and knew to prebook tickets months in advance.
They have however fixed the elevator now so both legs are working now( could still be 1-2 hour waits height of tourist season)

Posted by Tracie
Baltimore, MD, United States
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I am not sure about the lines. But when I went online to get my tickets I found that it was sold out. I read on one of the previous posts about checking back each day to see if tickets would become available. That is what I did and was able to get the tickets that I wanted. Hope this helps and good luck.

Posted by Karen
Sacramento, CA, USA
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I was there in March of this year, and we had been unable to get advanced tickets. We arrived around 10:30 am and waited about an hour and a half for tickets, then about 30 mote minutes to the elevators to the second level. Once there we waited another 15 or 20 minutes to get to the top. We arrived later than we wanted to, I would suggest getting there early (before they open) to get in line. Bring some snacks and water to have while you wait. Or I have also heard that if you go late in the day it's not as bad. Good luck and have fun!

Posted by Lisa
Calgary, AB, Canada
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Did you try just going to the second level, we were able to get reservations to there in July.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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And the view from the Second level is absolutely great, I don't bother going to the top anymore anyways.

Posted by Frank
Oxford, MS, United States
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We're going to Paris in July, and it looks like we're shut out of the Eiffel Tower. I simply will not wait three hours and there are no tickets available except for the second level at 11 p.m. Nope!

Posted by Monique
Chino Hills, CA, USA
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Claire, I'm thinking about the Fat Tire tour. Frank, there is also a Classic Walk tour that is for entrance only- a bit more money, but worth it if we don't want to wait in line and really want to see the Tower (I'm also going in July). I just wish I had known that the Eiffel Tower booked up six months in advance! Bonjour everyone!