Wanted to visit Sevilla around the end of March. Just figured that Easter Sunday is on March 31. We wanted to know how chaotic or not Sevilla can be and are all businesses closed that weekend (Good Friday thru Monday)? The experience to visit a city that has centuries old traditions in Catholicism must be an experience. But, that could also be a nightmare if you want to visit some of the sights and everything is closed or many city services are not operating. Could anyone tell me their experiences on that weekend were?

Posted by Bob
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Hi Miguel. Good to be thinking of this. Don't know particulars for Sevilla, but we were in Granada a few years ago for Easter and the way I remember it, Friday, Sat, Sun and Mon were all holidays. Many tourist sites and restaurants were open, but some businesses were closed. By chance we encountered a fun major Easter parade in Granada (believe on Saturday?) with streets closed, costumes, etc. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by susie
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Hi Miguel, This is an amazing time to be in Sevilla! It is very crowded and streets are often narrowed by barricades, but watching the events are well worth the efforts.
Each parish around the city take turns walking to the central cathedral. There are long processions of robed parishioners following their church's "float." This float is carried on the shoulders of (strong!) people and it is decorated with statues of biblical figures (always a weeping Mary), candles and flowers. It really is an event not to be missed if you are anywhere close to Sevilla at Easter time. We had no problems with transportation, restaurants, shops, etc. being open. All the churches are open and you can go inside to see the floats close up. If you have a chance, stand near a church entrance when the float is arriving or leaving. The floats are built as large as they can and make it through the doorway. Often, this is with only an inch on each side! I loved it and I'm not even Catholic!

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Thanks Bob, Alan and Susie. Susie although the experience might be one of a lifetime, this is not the Sevilla we would want to experience. This is the first time we head to southern Spain and all that commotion will make it difficult to experience the sights and get around. It can also waste a lot of time, when time is of the essence. We've been in Germany on Holy Week to visit friends and what a pain in the butt it was. Beautiful, but a pain in the butt (closings, hard to get a taxi, crowds, etc...). So we thought it would be the same or even more chaotic in Spain. Maybe in the future when we visit our relatives again in northern Spain we'll consider Holy Week in Spain. Can you imagine being in the procession with La Virgen de la Macarena and those guys with the hardcore KKK outfits. WOW!!! But not this time. Bob thanks for the info on Granada.
Alan great site for as much info on Sevilla's Holy Week.