Eagle's Nest - Charitable Trust

The last sentence in the 'History' section of what appears to be the official website for visiting Eagle's Nest says: "In 1960, on the occasion of the 150th celebration of Berchtesgaden's incorporation into Bavaria, the Bavarian government relinquished its control of the building to a trust that ensures that the proceeds are used for charitable purposes." Does anybody know more about how the funds collected at this tourist site are actually used? Same question - and a broad one, I know - about other WWII sites in Germany.

Posted by Tom
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The German version of the site mentions that it's under the control the "Berchtesgadener Landesstiftung". The word "Landesstiftung" doesn't translate exactly into English, but it would more or less imply a government-run foundation, in this case, the local government of Berchtesgaden Kreis. From what information I could gather on the internet (in my less than perfect fluency in German), the funds are used for health, elderly nursing care and education, but not those functions to which the regional government is already otherwise obligated. They also use the money to maintain the property and pay salaries. " about other WWII sites in Germany." If you mean sites generally open to tourists that generate revenue, there's almost none other than Kehlsteinhaus. I've never been to Dachau or the document center in N├╝rnberg, so I don' know if these locations have a revenue stream, or if the German government directly operates them.

Posted by Rose
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Thanks, Tom. From what I could gather (i.e. one site I looked at) the concentration camp sites are not permitted (not sure if that's the right word) to charge admission fees, and there's apparently an appeal out now for a way to ensure adequate funds to maintain the sites going forward. Some have apparently had to close areas off because the buildings are not in an entirely safe state for visitors. But there's also the tourist trade that seems to have grown up around the sites, which it seems would generate a considerable amount of revenue.