Driving to Hallstatt

We are staying south of Salzburg and plan a day trip to Hallstatt via car. Can we park across the lake near the train station and ride the boat into town? Does anyone know the cost of the parking and boat ride? And any suggestions for spending the day there? Thanks.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Josey, If you're driving to Hallstatt, you'll be on the same side of the lake as the town so taking the boat won't be necessary. There is no road access on the station side of the lake. I can't recall what the parking arrangements are, but I believe there's a lot at the same end of town as the Funicular. Note that traffic in the main part of town restricted so you won't be able to drive there. You'll have to walk to get to the far end (it's not far). Happy travels!

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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Ken's right. There are parking lots in Lahn, at the south end of the car tunnel that bypasses Hallstatt. That's also where the funicular goes up to the salt mine. It's an easy km (a little more than ½ a mile) walk along the lake front from Lahn into Hallstatt. There is also an opening in the tunnel right above the town and a few parking spots there. I assume it's open parking (but probably not free). You can walk down steps into town from there.

Posted by Roger
Mentor, OH, US
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If you are staying in Halstatt, the main street is blocked to autos, but you can call your hotel, etrc., and they can arrange for you to drive to your hotel, etc. to drop off your bags and then go back to park.