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Driving on the Mosel to Rothenberg

My husband and I are visiting family who live in the Limburg Province of Belgium, Sept.4-18. We will be driving down to Burg Eltz, Cochem, Beilstein, and would like to go on to Rothenberg. We will only have 3 or 4 days.
How late is too late to get reservations for hotels in the area, since the wine festivals are from Aug.-Oct. in the Rhine/Mosel region? Also, what's the weather like then?

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The drive from the Mosel to Rothenburg is going to take you at least 4 hours one way. I don't think it's any feasible for you. Stay in the Mosel/Rhine area as you'll find plenty of castles and small beautiful villages there, too. In recent years September has been a beautiful warm and sunny month with less humidity than June/July and August. You should be fine. As soon as you know where you want to go make reservations. You're not going to be the only visitor to the region in September.

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I would make the drive. We did it the opposite way. No problem. We really like the area around Rothenburg best. This will be our third trip to the area.

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As to go to Rothenburg or stay in the Rhine/Mosel area, I would say it depends upon what city you are flying out of. If it's Frankfurt, then I would agree with Andreas and stay in the Rhine/Mosel area, with maybe a trip down to Baden-Baden at the furthest. If you are flying out of somewhere closer to Rothenburg, then I would say that the drive to Rothenburg would be worth it. If you are worried that there won't be enough to see in the area, you could also research Belgium and/or Luxembourg to for sights to see. Agreed that you should reserve as soon as possible, once you know where you're going.

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Actually, we are flying in/out of Brussels, as our family members live 1 1/2 hrs.away in N/E Belgium. We will be in Europe for 2 weeks. We are doing day trips from our family members home to Brugge, The Grand Place in Brussels, and possibly Bastogne. We will be traveling in Germany with the family, including our 4yr. old grandson which is why we need to limit our time there to about 4 days. I'm thinking we could try to stay in Cochem the first night, Beilstein the second, then drive on to Rothenburg for the 3rd night, and possibly 4th night before driving back to Belgium. I'm assuming (?) it will be crowded even in Sept., and we may need to get reservations now for hotels,etc. Do you have any suggestions for hotels in those areas? Is is too late to get reservations? Also, is it "capri/sandals weather", or long pants? Thanks so much for all your info!!