Driving from Lourdes, France to Madrid, Spain

Hello, My family and I plan to drive from Lourdes, France to Madrid, Spain. We are hoping we can make the drive in a day with a few stops in between. I've read some posts indicating that the drive is about 8 hours. Can you recommend the best route to take and the places we should visit along the way? Appreciate your help.

Posted by Pete
San Diego
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My wife and I did something similar last October but we stayed overnight in Segovia before going to Madrid. You can stop at the Burgos Cathedral, the Roman Aqueducts in Segovia, El Escarol just north of Madrid and many many other places along the way. Check the Frommers Europe website for details of many of these places. We used a GPS which I would recommend (I was able to buy a Europe chip that went into my Garmin), it took us west through the Basque region of France and Spain and then south towards Madrid.

Posted by vicki
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Thanks, Pete! I will definitely look into the route you recommended.