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driving from Bavaria (or Alce area of France) to Brussels????

I'm in a pickle. I'd planned on taking a night/sleeper train overnight from Munich to Brussels on August 5.

I will have rented a car for a couple of days while my son and I travel from Salzburg down to Hall, and finally to Reutte. The only reason to go back up to Munich was to deliver the car there. (We are having to pay an extra charge for delivering it into another country...since we are renting it beginning in Salzburg).

Turns out, there are no night/sleeper trains from Munich to Brussels!!!

My options would be to train from Munich to Koln overnight. Then, over to Brussels. Since I will have already done this when we first came into our journey, I would rather not do this.

So, one option might be to just drive from the Reutte area onto Brussels. But, how to get there? Mosel Valley? or, on the other side, going up through France and Luxemborg?

Any suggestions?

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