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Driving Advice

I am considering an overnight stay in Chartres, but have a late morning (~10:00 A.M.) flight out of CDG the next morning on a Sunday. Google Maps estimates the travel time from Chartres to CDG @ 1 hour, 20 minutes.

What is the road like between Chartres and CDG, and is this too far a drive to attempt considering the flight time?

Any advice is appreciated.

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Since CDG is northeast of Paris, and Chartres is sort of southwest of Paris, to drive in the morning would require circling the city, either west or east, because you probably would not want to try driving "straight through" the city! Might look OK on paper, but in reality, you would be happier spending the night near CDG. If you are driving a rental car, it would make sense to me to drop the car off in Chartres, and take the train from there to the airport, the evening before your flight.

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I ended my last European trip exactly the same way. 1 hour 20 minutes is VERY generous for a weekday during rush hour, but I couldn't comment on the weekend. I drove the route midweek, and the traffic was fairly light until I approached within a few kilometers of the merger of A10 and the Paris Peripherique (ring road). Traffic ground to a crawl here, but was fairly brisk once on the Peripherique. I would estimate at least 2 hours during the work week.

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You could try dropping your car off at Orly airport and getting a shuttle to CDG. The roads between Chartes and CDG or Orly are fairly well marked, and on Sun AM trafic should be ok.